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Career Profile: Past Life Therapist or Regressionist

This is the career profile of the Past Life Regressionist. This professional is also known as the Past Life Therapist.

This is a metaphysical career. The job scope of a past life regressionist involves helping the client to remember or retrieve past life memories. What is a past life? It is the supposed previous existence of a person. According to certain religions and spiritual beliefs, Beings have many lives before their current one. And accordingly, Beings will continue to have more lives within the rebirth or reincarnation cycle until they gain Enlightenment and Liberation.

Past Life Regression is known as PLR for short. Two prominent persons in this field are Dr Brian Weiss and Dr Michael Newton.

Usually clients seek past life regressions for 2 main reasons:

1. To understand and heal some of the problems encountered in the present life.

2. Out of curiosity and wanting to know whether past lives are a real phenomena.

Past Life Regressionist or therapist must be able to induce the client into a light trance. The light trance state is conducive to the remembrance of past lives. This process can take quite a while.
To become a Past Life Regressionist, one must have a deep and genuine interest in spiritual and metaphysical matters. One must also have a real passion in helping other people.

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    What would be the salary for a job like this? And what training would you need to do this?

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