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Career Profile: Reiki Healer

A Reiki Healer uses the modality of Reiki for healing of clients. The Career Profile of the Reiki Healer will be described in this article.

So, what is Reiki? Reiki is a Japanese Healing art that uses universal life force to heal a person. Reiki stands for ‘Spiritual Chi/energy’ in Japanese.
Reiki is an unusual art in the sense that the ‘skill’ and ‘power’ are imparted through attunements. Typically there are three levels of Reiki. These levels are known as Reiki One, Reiki Two and Reiki Three (Master).

In Reiki One, the trainee is attuned with the basic Universal Life Force.

In Reiki Two, the trainee is attuned and introduced to the first three Reiki Symbols. These symbols adds additional function to the practitioner’s Reiki ability. The Three symbols are known as

1. The Power Symbol. Use for physical healing.

2. The Emotional and mental Symbol. Use for emotional and mental healing.

3. The Distant Healing Symbol. Use for projecting healing energy across large distances.

In Reiki Three, the trainer is attunement for the ability to attune others as well.

A Reiki Healer should typically be attuned to Reiki Three or Reiki Master level.

Where to learn Reiki? To learn Reiki, one will have to find a qualified and certified Reiki Master. The Reiki Master will impart the necessary knowledge and attunment to the practitioner. A Reiki Degree Certificate will be given to the trainee upon successful completion of each level of Reiki.

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