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Career Profile: Hypnotherapist

A Hypnotherapist is a professional who does Hypnotherapy. This profession often conjure an aura of mystical fascination. This is a very specialised career, nevertheless.

What is Hypnotherapy? It is a mode of treatment that uses the subconscious mind of the patient for healing and treatment. This method induces hypnosis. Hypnosis can be said to be an altered state of consciousness.

This mode is based on the principle understanding that the mind and body are closely linked. Thus, by bringing the patient into a hypnotic state, a Hypnotherapist can attempt to activate the mental and physical self-healing processes of the patient. Hypnotherapy has been used to solve problems such as the overcoming of addiction. Contrary to popular belief, a hypnotherapist cannot mind control the patient. Mind control using hypnotherapy is a myth.

To become a Hypnotherapist, one must undergo the relevant course and training related to hypnosis and hypnotherapy. These courses are conducted by qualified professional therapists.