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Career Profile: Optometrist

This is the job information and description for Optometrist.

An Optometrist is trained to examine his patients’ eyes to detect for any normal or abnormal eye conditions. His job is to detect, diagnose, manage and refer eye disorders such as squints and cataracts. He also helps to fit and dispense visual aids such as contact lenses/ spectacles to correct and improve his patients’ visions.

He must be well-versed in Mathematics and Science as he will be involved in plenty of calculations and measurements.

Entry career requirements into this field would be a Diploma/ Degree in Optometry. An Optometrist may choose to work in private clinics, eye clinics, hospitals or even research institutions.

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  1. Job seeker Job seeker

    I wonder how the job training for Optometrist is like.

    Also, is the employment opportunities good?

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