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Career Profile: Pharmacist

What is the job profile of the Pharmacist?


The job scope of the Pharmacist involves formulating, preparing and dispensing quality medicines based on a doctor’s prescription. A Pharmacist may choose to work in the Community or Retail Pharmacy, Hospital Pharmacy, Industrial Pharmacy or Commercial or Wholesale Pharmacy.

He develops and implements drug policies and practices, ensures that only high quality drugs are sold, and educates his customers on the safe and proper procedure of medication.

A Pharmacist must be meticulous in his job and possess compassion for his patients to provide them with the best medication they need.

Entry requirements into this line would be a recognized Degree in Pharmacy and registration with the local Pharmacy Board. One will be at an advantage if he possesses a Master of Science (Pharmacy), and Doctor of Philosophy or Doctor of Science.

With sufficient experience in a hospital or retail pharmacy, one can choose to set up his own business.


  1. Pharmacist wannabe Pharmacist wannabe

    I guess being a pharmacist is not really easy despite how it appears to be. You will have to know so many types of medicine at your finger tips.

    Also, there is the fear of prescribing the wrong medicine.

  2. I don't know if I want to be that now I don't know if I want to be that now

    I used to want to be a pharmacist, but now I realize that it would be very difficult and stressing. What if you gave them the wron medicine? And how hard would it be to know so many types of medicines?

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