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Career Profile: Speech Therapist

This is the job profile for the Speech Therapist.


The job scope of the Speech Therapist includes working with healthcare professionals to treat speech and language conditions such as disorders in fluency, articulation, voice, language, hearing, reading and writing. His patients may range from infants to the elderly.

The Speech Therapist’s job is to assess his patient’s condition, and then develop and implement treatment plans to help them overcome or minimize their speech impairment.

A Speech Therapist, like all other therapists, must be patient and encouraging with his patients. He must be a good communicator and a better listener.

Entry career requirements into this line would usually be a Degree/ Master’s in Speech Pathology. One may choose to work in acute hospitals or rehabilitative services. With experience and the demand for speech therapy interventions, career opportunities includes self-employment.



  1. Brat Bids Brat Bids


    Just wanna say thank you for the nice information on speech therapist job profile.

  2. A wannabe A wannabe

    Speech therapist is a very specialise profession. Speech therapy sounds like quite a medical-related job.

  3. A curious cat A curious cat

    I was thinking about this job for a bit cause I know how it feels to be the kind. Was wondering how would i be a speech therapist if I feel i would just mess the kid up even more. Or feel that i can’t speak good enough

  4. jiji jiji

    i am a degree pharmacy student and want to do something in the lines of speech therapy.. is there any way or college wherein i can do masters in speech therapy and not do bachelors because that will waste the 4 years of mine already done in pharmacy

  5. christmascarol christmascarol

    To jiji:

    I just sat next to a girl on a plane who is in a speech pathology masters program in WY. She had a 4 yr degree in the field but said that there are 1 to 1 1/2 year transition programs people can do who have a bachelors in another field. So, you would have to take more classes before the masters program but at least you wouldn’t have to start over.

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