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Career Profile: Traditional Chinese Medicine Physician

This is the job information and profile of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Physician.

The job scope of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Physician involves treating and providing Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) health-care services for his patients. He provides consultation, prescribes medication and provides acupuncture and TCM massage.

A TCM Practitioner must possess a good command of the Chinese language and preferably be able to speak English well. He must also have a passion to help others.

Entry career requirements would be a local Diploma/ Degree in TCM, a pass on the local TCM Physicians Registration Examinations, as well as a valid practicing certificate issued by the TCM Practitioners Board to be renewed yearly.

One may choose to work as a TCM Practitioner, an Acupuncturist, a TCM Massage Practitioner, or a TCM Herbal Dispenser. With experience, one may choose to apply to be a lecturer at TCM academic institutions, or work as a TCM Beauty and Health-care Consultant.