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Career Profile: Paralegal

This is the job description and profile for Paralegals. Paralegals are also known as Legal Executives.

What is a Paralegal? He or she is a person who assists lawyers in their legal works. The job scope includes researching for materials to be used on court, drafting legal documents, dealing with clients, organizing case files and managing accounts belonging to clients’ and the office.

A Paralegal must be extremely organized and meticulous so as not to overlook any important detail in any case. He must have a strong sense of integrity to be working in the law field.

What are the basic certificate and education required to be a Paralegal? One must have a Diploma in Law and Management/ Diploma in Legal Studies and preferably a Bachelor of Law or a combined law degree.

Career opportunities include working in courts, government registries, and law firms.

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  1. Job expert Job expert

    Paralegal is important in the law industry. However, i think job training for this job is scarce.

    I dunno, i might be wrong. But I do not heard much about Paralegal in recruiting ads.

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