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Career Profile: Boat Builder

A Boat Builder does Boat Buiding and Repair works. It is an important aspect of the marine industry. Boat Building has a very long history and tradition.

There is a difference between boat building and ship building. Boating Building deals more with the making of pleasure and recreation type watercrafts. These watercrafts include products such as inflatable, yachts and crafts smaller than ships. In fact for yacht alone there are two different types of watercrafts namely sailing and power yachts. Many crafts are made from materials such as fibre-reinforced plastic, wood and some metal parts.

Some boat building companies also do customised design and outfitting for clients. Specific boat builders must know the workings and parts of watercrafts well. They must know stuffs like various boat tools and Bilge Pumps. Depending on the job scope, they may also need to fabricate and install parts of the watercraft such as Boat Ladders and Boat Seats.

Would-be Boat Builders often follow an apprenticeship scheme. There are boat building courses around. These courses often have a very hands-on approach.

What are the qualities required to be a boat builder? Well, for a start, one must have the passion and interest in boats and maritime-based activities. As this can be a rather physical based job, one must also be willing to do some physical activities. Skills acquired from a carpentry course are also useful to have.