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Career Profile: Coastguard

The Coastguard has often been glamourised by the media as a tough and rugged man. So, what really is the job scope of the coastguard?

This job is a maritime-based career. The coastguard is typically tasked to organize search and rescue efforts when smalls ships, boats and crafts are missing or having trouble at sea.

What are the personal qualities of a coastguard? Coastguards should have good eyesight. Many of them were already experienced with marine jobs and careers before they became coastguards. Trainees typically will have to undergo the relevant training course in order to qualify as a coastguard.

In different countries, Coast Guards are given different names and designations.

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  1. Ricky Ricky

    Maritime careers such as coastguard and divers are alway very interesting.

    Thanks for the job information.

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