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Career Profile: Cruise Director

Going on a Cruise is an alternative mode of holiday travel. Instead of going to another country, a cruise guest takes his or her break on a Cruise ship. What is a cruise ship? It is a passenger ship used for pleasure and recreational voyages. It is also known as a cruise liner.

The Cruise Director is in charge of all entertainment matters on a cruise ship/ at a resort. Of course, such a career demands that the person be able to adapt to an onboard ship job and not fall easily to sea sickness.

The Cruise Director job comprises of coordinating and executing entertainment activities, hosting social events, quality control aboard the cruise, and as well as dealing with some human resource matters.

As a Cruise Director, one has to know how to carry himself professionally as well as to have good interpersonal skills. He should have good customer service skill. He must also be willing to work shifts, on weekends and on public holidays.

To become a Cruise Director, one has to have a Degree in any discipline, 2 years experience in resorts/ on cruise ships, and preferably some professional entertainment background.

He usually possesses a Diploma/ Degree/ MBA in any tourism related courses. With experience, he may expect to take up positions at bigger resorts and cruise ships.


  1. Ron Ron

    This sounds like a really nice job. Thanks for the information on cruise director.

  2. Eric Holl Eric Holl

    This is a great job provided one is not prone to seasickness. LOL.

    Any, great career guide site!

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