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Career Profile: Ship Planner

The Career Information and Profile of the Ship Planner will be described in this article. The Ship Planner coordinates vessel schedules and ensures no space wastage within container ships. There are many types of ships and vessels, he must be familiar with them in order to do the task well. He must be able to handle container vessel stowage planning. Planning is a complex problem. Issues that need to be factored in include container properties and operating constraints pertaining to the ship structure.

He accesses any risk involved and plans the loading/ discharging of containerized cargo when the container vessel arrives at the port. A port is usually a coastal location where ships dock to transfer people or load and unload loads and cargoes.

Ship Planners also allocate quay cranes to help with the loading/ discharging of the containers.

A ship planner must have good communication and organizational skills. He must have a Diploma or a Degree in Maritime Transportation Management. With experience and a good track record, he can progress to Senior Planner and other managerial positions.

Quality-wise, a ship planner must be independent as well as being able to work in a team. In additional to being able to use office softwares, he may also need to have proficiency with certain stowage planning software as well.