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Career Profile: Broadcast Journalist

The Career Profile of the Broadcast Journalist will be described in this article. A Broadcast Journalist can choose to either edit or report the local/ foreign news.

If he chooses to report the news, his job would involve gathering the news, interviewing relevant persons and reporting the news from a live scene.

A Broadcast Journalist must be quick-witted, persuasive and persistent in gathering information, able to communicate with people from all walks of life, have a good command of the language, widely-read and well-informed, and most importantly, be able to meet tight deadlines.

However, if he chooses to do editing, his job will involve selecting material for television news bulletin, monitoring newswires for the latest news headlines and updates. He will then edit the information for the Presenter to disseminate to listeners.

He must possess the skills that a reporter does, except he does not have to do live broadcast and does not necessarily have to be photogenic with a good voice.

To enter into this field, one must pass a stringent writing test, and possess a Degree in Journalism, Mass Communications, Political Science or the Arts and Social Sciences. Later one, one may progress to become a News Editor and go on to produce specialize programs or head his own news team.