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Career Profile: Camera Operator

The early motion pictures were made around 1877. Since then, film-making has progressed by leaps and bounds.

The work of a Camera Operator involves using the motion picture camera and related equipments. He or she uses these equipments to shoot materials for television programs, commercials or movies.

Personality and interest-wise, a would-be camera operator must have the necessary passion in photography and or videography.

Typically, a degree is not required for the job. Training is typically done on the job. A Camera Operator takes about several years to learn the ropes of the job. Usually it is about 2 to 4 year of on-the-job training. Initial job training activities may includes task such as preparation of cameras and lighting setups.

As for work advancement, some camera operators move on to become cinematographers. Often, this may require getting the relevant course training in cinematography.

Because the nature of film-making is wide-ranging, a camera operator will have to work both in indoor as well as outdoor environments.