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Career Profile: Magician

Everybody likes a few mystery. People also like to be entertained. Magic performing is a form of entertainment field and career. A Magician is one that performs magic.

Magic is an art form. Not every one can be a magician. If everyone can be a magician, there will be no more magic ! To be one, requires practice and dedications.

To be a magician, one must be somewhat talented in some area. One must get some kind of training although the training may not be a formal one. Some trainees learn from experienced magicians.

One type of magician is the Party Magician. Often this type of job involves entertaining kids and youngsters.

Magician must be able to hold the attention of the audience. They must be able to surprise them with unexpected results.

There are various forms of magic. For example, there are card magic and there are types that requires much larger props.