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Career Profile: Media Buyer

Cost of advertising is a media buyer’s concern.

The Career Information and Profile of the Media Buyer will be described in this article. A Media Buyer negotiates the price and time for media spaces on radio and television channels as well as other advertising mediums. Typically, a media buyer works in an advertising agency. In some companies the media buyer also double up as the media planner. Media Buyers usually reports to the Media Director.

Why is there a need for a Media Buyer? This is because advertising cost can be monstrously expensive. The media buyer is responsible for getting the best deal from any given budget.

The qualities essential for this profession includes the ability to negotiate successfully. A media buyer must also be familiar with the different types of advertising routes and channels. They have to work and communicate with a broad range of professionals from various media. These media includes channels such as direct mails, magazines, billboards, radio, TV and newspapers.

Besides doing the actual buying, Media Buyers must also ensure that the ads are running smoothly and according to schedule and plan. Sometimes because of matters such as presentations, meetings with media reps and service calls, a buyer may be required to work beyond his or her regular working hours.


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