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Career Profile: Media Planner

Media Planning is an important role of the media department of any organisation. As with Media Buyers, Media Planners are also known as Media Specialists.

The Career Information and Profile of the Media Planner will be described in this article. A Media Planner acts as an advisor to his client as to when, where and how and why he should develop a marketing strategy to help achieve their media objectives. He or she is the one who determines which advertising venue is best for attracting the intended target market. Media specialists are typically supervised by a Media Director.

He must conceptualize the entire communications strategy and have a thorough research and understanding of the market to meet his client’s wants and needs.

In order to succeed, he must understand the strengths and weaknesses of the media, and be up to date in market/ media trends. He must be able to communicate his idea to a large and specified audience.

A Degree in Marketing, Communications, Media or Advertising as well as relevant work experience is most preferred to become a Media Planner.

Media Planners work mostly in media agencies and full service advertising agencies. With experience, he may rise to senior management posts, switch to media or market research, or account planning. He may also choose to work within major corporations/ organizations with an in-house advertising agency.

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