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Career Profile: Model

Some of the most physically attractive people can be found in this profession.

The Career Information and Profile of the Model will be described in this article. Modelling is one of the most glamorous job in the world. It is included in many a young woman’s wish list.

Modelling can be live or photographic. Live models are required to catwalk and work during live design stages. They are often hired within the fashion industry. Photographic models are required to pose for photo shoots. Modelling involves posing in garments that are to be highlighted.

This is a very competitive profession. Not only must the applicant be physically attractive, he or she must also be willing to work hard. The job also requires a good sense for fashion.

Models often need to attend modelling course.



  1. wouldn’t we all want to just model for a living … and not getting out of bed for anything less than $10k 🙂

  2. hello ,
    my name is rina and i have already went to casting and done my portfolio ,now i am looking for a job . i am 14 years old , i also don’t know where to look for a job so hoping you can help me with that .:D

    Thank You Very Much

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