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Career Profile: Producer

The Career Profile of the Producer will be described in this article. A Producer oversees the entire production of a play, film or television program.

His job includes:

  • managing the development of the script,

  • planning the production schedule,

  • coordinating the set, location, equipment and logistics,

  • hiring key personnel

  • supervising his artistes and crew,

  • approving costume and prop designs

  • managing production budget

  • fundraising or sourcing for sponsorship

  • being in-charge of publicity

  • arranging for distributors

  • managing ticket sales and logistics

A Producer must be able to work long and irregular hours under pressure to meet tight deadlines. He must be passionate and be able to motivate his team.

He usually possesses a Diploma or a Bachelor of Arts (Hon) in any of the following courses:

Theatre Arts, Technical Theatre Arts, Arts Management, Music Technology, Acting, or Musical Theatre.