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Career Profile: Voice-over Professional

Do you have a voice that can captivate an audience? If you do, you can consider the career of a voice-over professional. The Job scope of a Voice-over profession is to basically give scripted narrations for films, commercials as well as television programs.

To be such a professional, one must have an exceptionally good voice. Not only must you sound good, you must also be able to convey the right emotions intended for the script too. So in the way, acting skill is required, but you will not be seen, usually.

Training-wise, one may attend voice class to improve and hone the art of sounding good. A good resource is a book call The Art of Voice Acting written by James Alburger. An Audio CD is included with the book. The author also has much experience in audio engineering and training.

In this line, it is always a good idea to be versatile. The ability to narrate in different accents is certainly an added advantage.

Well-known Voice-over professionals include Joe Cipriano and Don LaFontaine.

Sometimes voice-over professionals dub cartoon characters as well. For example, Kung Fu panda certainly isn’t voiced over by Kungfu panda himself as he does not exist in real life.


  1. kendra kendra

    does anyone know how i could get in to a voice over job?I live in sydney ns

  2. Kyle Kyle

    I would also like to know how to start a career in voice acting. I live just north of boston, MA.

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