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Career Profile: Art Therapist

Art can have healing properties. This article talks about the career profile of the Art Therapist.

An Art Therapist is an unusual professional. Art Therapy is a form of therapy that employs artistic endeavours for the treatment of emotional and psychological disorders. The artistic endeavours used includes activities such as painting, modelling and drawing.

An art therapist can be employed in the following environments:

1. Hospital

2. Special schools

3. Child guidance clinics

4. Prisons and detention centres

5. Community homes

Personality-wise, an art therapist should possess great patience. He or she must also have good artistic and teaching ability.

Qualification-wise, an art therapist should have the relevant qualification and training in art or design. A relevant degree will be ideal.

Other types of similar therapy include music therapy as well as recreational therapy. Both type of therapies require specialised professionals in the respective areas.

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  1. Job seeker Job seeker

    Art Therapist seems like an interesting type of work.

    I wonder does a person has to be artistic and can draw well in order to apply for the job?

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