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Career Profile: Bridal Consultant

Bridal Consultants provides assistance and consultation for brides-to-be.

The wedding is one of the most important phase of a woman’s life. As such, many women place great emphasis on that event. Here is where the Bridal Consultant is of great help.

The job scope of  the Bridal Consultant includes providing assistance in the purchasing of things such as the bridal gown, jewelry, shoes and flowers which are items for the wedding. He or she also provide the same help for the attendants. Bridal Consultants must be skill and knowledgeable  in the rules and etiquette associated with weddings. Some consultants also offer assiatance in other areas as well. This include planning and arranging for tasks such as catering and getting the limousine.

Many Bridal Consultants work in Bridal shops and departmental stores with bridal department.

There are no specific education to become a bridal consultant. Many bridal consultants learning from other more experienced consultants. There are some correspondence schools that offer Bridal Courses.