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Career Profile: Hairdresser

Our hair will be much longer and messier without Hairdressers. This article talks about the career information and profile of the Hairdresser. Hairdressers typically work in the saloons. Many of them own the saloons and are thus self-employed or working in partnership with other hairdressers. They are usually of the female sex. Hairdressers can also known as Barbers and Hairstylists. This profession falls under the category of Cosmetology which is about caring for peoples skin, nail and hair.

The basic job of a Hairdresser is to cut, wash and set hair. But, it is really much more than that. They also have to be familiar with skills such as hair colouring, rebonding, streaking and waxing.

Hairdressers should be friendly and be well-groomed. A hairdesser should ideally have a good sense for hair stylishing and aesthetics. As the consumer trend changes, more and more customers are having their hair styled instead of just a basic cut. It is therefore a good idea for a hairdresser to be updated about hair styling trends.

Within cosmetology, trends changes regularly. Because of that new products comes into the market. As a hairdresser, one may need to be familiar with the current trends and products.

This job requires them to stand for fairly long duration. Therefore having a good stamina is required.

Hairdressers need to undergo the relevant Hairdressing courses. A full-time course typically may take about a year to complete. Many of these course are apprenticeship-based.

Many of these courses have placement services that can help the trainee get a job. Experienced hairdressers can become owners of their own saloon. Many of them can also work as managers.