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Career Profile: Image Coach

Image Coaching is a very niche profession. Another term for an image coach is image consultant.

In this highly image-conscious modern society of ours, being able to exude a good impression has many obvious benefits. This can help one to find success in the areas of career, courtship and relationships.

Basically, an Image Coach teaches the client on matters pertaining to the improvement of their image. He or she is an expert in imparting the skill of projecting a good impression. Even important people needs image consultants. Many professionals feel that having an image consultant gives them added confidence and helps in projecting the right image and impression for the job.

Quality-wise, the image coach himself/herself must be able to project a positive impression. Some consultants may visit client’s residence to assess their clothes and give advice on the type of clothing that best suits them. Many an image consultant has working experience in beauty consulting.