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Career Profile: Interpreter

Knowing more than one language fluently is an Interpreter’s forte.

This article highlights the career information and profile of the Interpreter. An Interpreter is also known as a Translator. Basically, a Language Interpreter facilitates communication between people with different language background. This is a very niched profession. The demand for such a job is quite small.

Some people in this profession travel and work closely with tour guides. Other may need to work with clients in communicating with people from a different language background. Tools that a translator may use include dictionary, lexicons and encyclopedias.

To become a interpreter, one must be fluent in more than one language. This job requires one to have very good listening and understanding skills. He or she must also be very quick in translating what is being heard into another language. This is not an easy task. While on the job, such a person must always be very alert. Also, he or she must ideally have the relevant Language-based degree/s.

A good resource pertaining to this field of work is (London).