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Career Profile: Nanny

Nanny is often a female career. They are specialists in child care. They work in their employer’s home as care providers of their child or children. Some of them even live-in with their employers. The children that they take care of can be infants, toddlers or older kids. The work is fairly similar to that of the baby-sitter.

This is not a job for the impatient, hot-tempered or the lazy as taking care of kids is not easy at all. Nannies must be sensitive to the needs of kids that they are taking care of. It can be stressful when caring for young kids for long hours. Imagining having to deal with the constant crying and tantrums of babies or toddlers ! How easy can that be !

In busy and stressful countries where both parents are required to work, nannies may be one of the very few options with regards to child care. In certain countries, formal qualifications are not required to become a nanny. This career do not offer much job advancement.

Nanny jobs can often be found or advertised in classified ads and employment agencies. This may not be the most glamorous of  jobs but is certainly a noble one as it requires lots of care and patience for young ones.