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Career Profile: Public Relations Officer

A Public Relations Officer is also known as a Marketing Communications Executive, Public Affairs or Communications Executive. He or she uses all forms of communication strategies to portray the company in a favorable and accurate manner to the public and or clients.

There are a few main areas he may specialize in, namely

  1. Corporate Identity and Government Relations

-update and uphold forms of corporate identity

-conduct public surveys on issues and his company

-update the management on public feedback

  1. Consultancy Work

-produce educational brochures/posters

-organize open-house days/ exhibitions

-deal with sponsorship

-engage the company in community projects

  1. Media Relations

-publicize an event/ campaign

-organize press conferences, receptions and visits

-respond to media enquiries in media interviews

  1. Internal Relations

-produce internal newsletters etc

-produce film, video or slide shows

-handle public presentations

  1. Financial Relations

-write annual reports based on a thorough research

-communicate with investment analysts and bankers for the latest financial news

-communicate with shareholders and top management

Must have qualities would be good communication skills (both written and oral) as well as good management and analytical skills.

A Public Relations Officer would require a Degree/ Diploma preferbly in Public Relations or Mass Communications. With experience, a PR Officer may rise to be a PR Manager who reports to top management.

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