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Career Profile: Retirement Planner

After working and slogging for decades, many persons long for a nice and enjoyable retirement. Retirement is the period of time when one no longer work for a living. He or she now enjoy the fruits of past labours and savings. For most people living in the modern world, retirement is a preferred old age lifestyle. Sadly, In certain countries, this may be a luxury that not all can afford.

Retirement planners meet up with ageing employees to discussion about their retirement plans. He or she may highlight the pros and cons of different retirement schemes. One objective is to assist the would-be retirees with their financial plans. This may involve drafting a budget for retirement. Basically, the job is about helping the retirement adjust to a life after retirement.

To be a good retirement planner, one must have excellent communication skills. This include good counseling ability as well. He or she must also be comfortable with dealing with elderly people.

Where do Retirement planners work in? Many are employed by companies to assist their ageing employees.