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Career Profile: Tourist Guide

Tourist Guides get to meet many foreigners. This post is regarding the career profile for the Tourist Guide.

The Tourist Guide brings tourists to places of interest with the intention promoting the country’s culture and attractions. He is also responsible for providing interesting facts about these places, as well providing entertainment, transport and comfort to ensure that the tourists have an enjoyable and unforgettable trip.

A Tourist Guide must be fluent in more than one language including English. He must be quick witted in the face of changing situations, and be able to deliver interesting facts of a place’s history, culture and contemporary issues in an engaging manner. He must also possess good interpersonal skills and enjoy interacting with tourists.

To enter this line, one must be at least 21 year old and pass the theory and practical Tourist Guide Examinations administered by the Singapore Tourism Board to get his guiding license.

He has the luxury of managing his time as he usually works freelance with licensed travel agencies.

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  1. Ricky Ricky

    Tourist guide is also known as the tour guide.

    This is one job that gets you the chance to travel to many places.

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