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Career Profile: Geriatric Care Manager

A Geriatric Care Manager helps in the taking care of elderly folks. As the world’s population gets increasingly older with each passing generation, there is an ever increasing need for people with work with elderly persons.

The Ageing world population is ranked as among the top three pressing issue of our times, along with Global Warming. The need for people to cater to the needs of the elderly is a growing demand. Here is where the role of the Geriatic Care Manager comes into play. The job of this line is very varied. As a care manager, one may be tasked to help old folks do stuffs such as filling up forms and other administrative works. These forms can be documents such as insurance and reimbursement forms. Other works include stuffs such as estate planning, food and grocery handling.

Some hospitable and related institutions employ Geriatric Care Managers. A Geriatric Care Manager can be self-employed too.

On the education front, there are more courses spring out to cater to this growing trend. One of which is the Online Geriatric Care Management Course conducted by the University Of Florida.