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Career Profile: Psychologist

A Psychologist is an expert in Psychology. Psychology is the science and study of the human psyche.

Psychologists are experts in helping people see and understand things within their inner consciousness. These things and aspects have been suppressed from their own conscious selves. This inclination of hiding stuffs is natural in humans. This is an inbuilt mechanism for coping with a certain unpleasant situations or circumstances.

A working Psychologists cannot be self-taught and must undergo specific courses and degrees. There are many branches of Psychology that a psychologist can choose to specialises.

Some of the branches include:

1. Child Psychology

2. Cognitive Psychology

3. Personality Psychology

4. Sports Psychology

5. Forensic Psychology

This is certainly not an exhaustive list.

As psychology is a very wide branch, the practitioners within each branch should also have a vested interest in the science of each field. For example, a sport psychologist should know what’s going on within the sporting arena.