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Career Profile: Carpenter

The Career Profile of the Carpenter will be described in this article. A Carpenter is an expert in Carpentry. Carpentry is defined as skills and activities involving much woodworking. These working activities includes building construction, laying of walls and floor boards, furniture and cabinet making.

Other activities related to carpentry include stuffs such as:

Measuring and marking locations of leaders and studs.

Applying sidings to building exteriors.

Assembling prefabricated buildings.

A Carpenter’s work can be rather physical-intensive. The employment opportunities for a carpenter can be found in:

1. Civil engineering environment

2. Carpentry and joinery firms

3. Ship Building environment

4. Vehicle manufacturing

5. Furniture industry

Alternatively, an experienced carpenter may choose to be self-employed.

Designations of carpenters with specific roles includes the following:

1. Finish carpenter or joiner.

2. Trim carpenter

3. Framer

4. Roofer

5. Cabinet maker

Useful skills for this profession includes the management of material resources. Depending on the type of carpentry work, people that a carpenter may need to interactive with includes roofers, plasterers, plumbers, painters, masons and pipelayers.