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Career Profile: Fitness Instructor

This is the job profile of the Fitness Instructor. A Fitness Instructor is also known as the Gym Instructor.

The job scope of the fitness instructor is to help people improve their health and fitness. This often includes instructing and managing group as well as individual exercising programmes. Basically, the responsibility involves providing clients with guidance and consultation with regards to their fitness.

To become a fitness instructor, one must be interested in physical activities such as exercises and sports. Good body coordination is also a necessary requirement.

Qualification-wise, a fitness instructor should complete a recognised Fitness instructor course. The course usually includes trainings such as Anatomy and Physiology theory and Practical Fitness Instructing workshops. Many trainers have formal training in physical education. Alternatively, one can start as an assistant instructor and move on from there.

Many fitness instructor and personal trainer work for themselves. Fitness instructor often are employed in health, fitness club or leisure centres. Sometimes, trainers also hold exercise workouts in the client’s home or office.