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Career Profile: Gardener

Gardeners help to take care of lawns and gardens on behalf of the owner.
Gardening is the activity of growing and maintaining vegetations and plants for their attractiveness as well as consumption. Gardening can include the growing of many types of grass and plants. These plants may be vegetable, houseplants, flowers and trees.

Gardeners are sometimes also known as Ground Custodians. There can be several specialisation within this field. For example, one can specialises in maintaining and taking care of grass and turfs. This type is known as Turfgrass management technicians.

Where can Gardeners be employed? There can be many places. Some of them include:

  • Botanic Gardens
  • Schools
  • Zoos
  • Conservatories
  • Office buildings and factories
  • Apartment complexs
  • Golf courses

A garden can have many types of physical aspects and objects. The following are some objects that can be included to enhance the beauty of a garden and that as a gardener one will have to be aware of:

1. Lawn. Lawn are a must-have of a garden, Basically it is a flat area comprising of grass. A lawn also serve as the border for the flower area.

2. Garden Furniture. Garden furniture add a touch of comfort and relaxing feel to a garden. When selecting furniture, make sure that it is sturdy enough to withstand the elements and weather.

3. Statue. Stone statue can be nice. Typically statue design includes gnomes, frogs, animals and fishes.

4. Stone step. Stone step breaks a garden into appealing design patterns. It demarcates the garden and adds as places for people to walk on. Stone steps serves as paths too.

Job scope of a Gardener varies. It is also dependent on the season too. The work often includes keeping the soil in good condition. This may include mulching for the garden as well. They also may have to remove fallen leaves and snow.

To be a gardener, there is no specific education. One can apply for a gardening position via channels such as agencies, landscape services or through newspaper ads. With experience, a gardener can become supervisors and head gardeners.