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Career Profile: Lifeguard

Lifeguards are like invisible safety nets around swimming environments.  

The job scope of the Lifeguard is mainly to ensure the safety of swimmers. He is essentially an emergency service personnel whose responsibility lies in save guarding water safety.

Lifeguards are typically employed at swimming pools and beaches. Besides the main job of ensuring swimmer safety, life guards often need to clean the swimming environment. These includes the swimming pool, pump room and filter systems. Life guards are also required to conduct regular chlorine checks for swimming pools.

What does it take to become a lifeguard? Many life guards are associated to Lifeguard and Lifesaving societies or associations. All life guards must be strong swimmers. They must also possess CPR certificate. Personality-wise, life guards should enjoy swimming and the outdoor.

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  1. Amolou Amolou

    The job of the life guard is more than just looking at girls in swimsuit. It is to ensure the safety of all swimmers and users of the facility.

    Many lifeguards were naval divers in the past. They are all excellent swimmers.

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