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Career Profile: Mover

House-moving is one of those things that is both physically and emotionally intensive. It is always good to have spare hands to help in the many things that needed to be transported. The Movers may be your best friends in times of house moving 😉

A Mover’s job involves helping to load, transport and unload household and/or office items and equipments.

Jobs may be found with haulers or moving companies. Some movers are also independent individuals who work using their own vehicles. To move delicate items, a mover may have to pack the items. Often a box or bubble-pack may be used for the packing.

This job certainly isn’t desk bound. It requires physical strength and thus can be strenuous at times. It also involves some travelling. Job requirement may require an appropriate driver’s license. Training may include driving and packing instructions.

To get the job, one can try by applying directly to the moving companies.