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Career Profile: Rug & Carpet Cleaner

A carpet is a loom-woven, felted textile floor covering. As the name imply, the job of a rug and carpet cleaner involves cleaning rugs and carpets.

The process of cleaning involves using chemicals and detergents to clean rugs and carpets. Additionally, the cleaners use mechanical equipments and brushes to do the cleaning.

To get the job as a rug and carpet cleaner, one can apply directly to such companies. Occasionally, there may be job listing on newspaper and other classified ads. Large organisations such as hotels and recreational resorts sometimes also employ their own rug cleaners. It may also be a good idea to try these places as well.

The training is often done on the job.  During the training, the trainee may be introduced to the various types of chemicals, detergent and equipment required for the job. He may be supervised by a more experienced worker.

Other than being employed by somebody, many persons also chooses Rug and Carpet Cleaning as their own business. Of course in order to do that, they will need an initial startup capital. This often includes acquiring powerful vacuuming machines such as those from Rotovac.