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Career Profile: Security Guard

Almost everyone knows what the role of a Security Guard is. Basically he or she patrols and monitor premises and buildings in order to prevent thefts and trespassing. The buildings that a security guard helps to keep secure are usually commercial as well as industrial premises. Additionally, security guards are also in demand in schools, education-providing environments and residential areas such as condominiums.

The specific tasks and activities includes:

1. Attending to alarms.

2. Investigate disturbances

3. Patrolling of designated premises

4. authorisations of entrances and exits.

5. alert police and fire departments in the case of emergencies

6. Answering phone calls.

7. Inspect and keep security systems in working conditions.

This job often requires the guard to work during odd hours. This include hours where most people are sleeping or resting. Becoming a security guard may require a period of short-term on-the-job training. Some security guards may need to handle guard dogs as well.

Although the role of the security guard may not be glamourous, its roles is significant to the safety of personnel and properties. Additionally, it is one that has quite a lot of openings.