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Career Profile: Stonemason

This is the career profile for Stonemason. The job scope of Stonemason includes the repairing and restoration of old buildings. They also provide stonework for new buildings too.

Tasks of stonemason may include any of the followings:

  1. cutting and shaping stone using the appropriate tools
  2. designing and carving monumental masonry
  3. laying of marble or granite floor tiles
  4. building walls using stone slabs
  5. align forms for sidewalks, gutters and curbs.
  6. patching holes in buildings.
  7. applying sealing compound to cure surfaces.

What are the job qualifications for becoming a stonemason? There isn’t any, but employers usually will prefer someone with the relevant on-site experiences. Additionally, some masons may be required to operate machines like the power vibrators for compacting concretes.

In the course of the job, a stonemason may be working with people from other technical or physical based jobs. This include people such as carpenters, pipe layers, floor layers, bulldozer, scraper operators, ceiling tile installer and wall painters.


  1. Ricky Ricky

    This is one tough job in my opinion.

  2. Ricky Ricky

    This is one tough job in my opinion.

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