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Career Profile: Business Intelligence Analyst

What is Business intelligence or BI? Basically, it broadly refers to practices (inclusive of technologies and applications) that are used to help companies and businesses make informed decisions. Business intelligence  often involves the collecting, storing and analyzing of information and data. It is one of the field of work that combines business with technology.

Because of the link with business and information technology, there are some close connection of Data Management Jobs to Business intelligence. Another term that is connected to BI is Data Warehousing. These two are not the same thing but contains overlaps. Business Intelligence usually refers to the information relevant for business decision-making whereas Data Warehousing often refers to the infrastructure whereby the BI framework was built upon.

There are quite a few types of Business Intelligence Jobs. One such career is the Business Intelligence Analyst.

The work of a Business Intelligence Analyst often involve working on the Business Intelligence-related Roadmap. The work may include tasks such as the gathering of requirements, validating and analyzing of collected data. Additionally, the analyst will need to develop and generate reports from the gathered information.

Qualification-wise, this position of Business Intelligence Analyst requires IT knowledge with experiences in database servers. Typical requirement often includes knowledge of SQL Server, Data warehousing systems and Business Objects.

This is a job for the Information Technology or IT inclined person. At the same time, knowledge of businesses is significant too.

This work may also require some interpersonal communication skill. This is because there is often a need to communicate with people from other disciplines.