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Career Profile: Car Rental Representative

Cars are indispensable tools for transportation in this modern age. You will need it for travelling across considerable distances.

Car rental agent rent cars for a short period of time. Many car rental representative can be found in airports where there is a  demand for cars as well.

Most customers are travellers that need a car for a short period of time. Some of time are tourists.

Usually these agents or representatives work for large car rental companies. One such company is Hertz. Many car rental companies can be found in airports where there is a demand. Sometimes, an airport can have more than one rental company operating.

Training to be Car Rental Representatives are usually provided by the company. Car Rental jobs sometimes appear on newspapers and classified ads. Prior experience in sales are often preferred. Some of the larger organisations will provide relevant training for Car Rental staffs.

As for career advancement possibilities, with experience, representatives may become station manager or customer service representatives.