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Career Profile: Fashion Buyer

Fashion Buying is not as easy as it sounds. Buying can be challenging at times.

This is the career information and profile for Fashion Buyer.

Store profits depend on the Fashion Buyer to pick the right apparel, footwear and accessories at the right prices that fit the image and budget of the department store/ boutique he/she works for.

A Fashion Buyer is required to travel extensively, attend fashion shows and keep abreast of the current fashion trends. The job includes developing themes for each fashion season and publicizing the products to appeal to customers’ taste and budget. Finally, he or she must ensure that all sales and profit goals are met.

As a Buyer, one must have a keen sense of style, design and trends, be confident, decisive and organized, and be good at sales and budgeting.

The Fashion Buyer usually possesses a Degree/Diploma/ Certificate related to Fashion/ Apparel Merchandizing or Marketing. With experience, there are good career opportunities to move on to become Senior Buyers or be self-employed.

Major fashion related stores such as DKNY employ Fashion Buyers.

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    The fashion industry is an interesting but highly competitive field. Employment opportunities are good but applicants are numerous too.

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