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Career Profile: Financial Planner

This is the career information and profile for the Financial Planner.

The job scope of the financial planner involves providing the clients with professional advice on how to manage their finances. His job includes guiding his clients to reach their financial goals within a practical timeframe without too much risk involved.

A Financial Planner must be mature and self-driven with good interpersonal skills. He must have a strong sense of integrity and be keen on helping people achieve their needs. He must also be keen to learn and keep abreast of the financial planning industry.

Entry career requirements would be a Degree/ Diploma in any discipline, as well as qualifications as a Certified Financial Planner or a Chartered Financial Practitioner.

With experience, the financial planner may rise to head a financial planning team.


  1. Job expert Job expert

    Financial Planners must be savvy with money. This job calls for a good sense in money management.

    I don’t see this appointment often in classified ads. Is it a very specialised job. Any advice?

  2. Ricky Ricky

    Where to find the job of a financial planner?

    Any idea?

  3. A career in financial planning is still lucrative despite the worldwide financial crunch. As long as money is used in our economy financial planners will be needed. You have to pay your dues to become a financial planner but once you pass the test and prove your mettle, you can expect a handsome return for your efforts.

  4. Mark Main Mark Main

    Financial Planning employers want to make sure that you can make it for at least 2 years with little to no income so that you have the ability to grow your client base. They are also interested in your current contact base (friends/family/contacts) that you can bring in to start trying to grow your professional sales more quickly with them. You will be asked to pass your Series 7 and 63, and your insurance exams for life and property/casualty insurance. You will be treated like a salesman, which means that management will talk down to you a bit, because many people drop out and you have to learn to have thick skin when being treated with a small bit of disrespect from management until you prove yourself as someone who will stick it out, and succeed by actually selling–financial planning is a service, but it’s a service that must be sold, one customer at a time.

    Expect to make very little for at least 2 years; but this can have great rewards after 5 to 8 years in the business if you work hard and have a talent for this.

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