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Career Profile: Merchandiser

Do you like to buy and buy? Do you have the eye for value for money?

This is the career information and profile for Merchandiser. Merchandiser also known as Buyer

Store profits depend on his ability to source for merchandise that caters to the company image. His job is to ensure quality control as well as sufficient stock to satisfy customer demands. He must keep up with trends to cater to customers’ tastes and yet work within a budget.

A Merchandiser must have good business foresight and interpersonal skills to be able to source for merchandise of the best quality at the right price. He must constantly keep abreast of changing lifestyles and tastes so as to cater to his customers’ needs.

Entry career requirements would usually be a degree, a diploma or A levels. With experience, there are career opportunities to move on to become Merchandizing Managers or Directors.


  1. Job expert Job expert

    Merchandiser is an important part of business. They fill a crucial job position.

    But I don’t get to see much of this job around. Is it really that scarce?

    I don’t really know.

  2. A curious cat A curious cat

    Merchandiser there are alot out there for different companies. I work in grocery store and we have merchandisers for each department.

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