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Career Profile: Secondhand Bookstore Owner

Books are great resource of information and knowledge. Secondhand books are simply the recycling of that great body of knowledge to someone else.

This is a career that provides self-employment opportunity. The work scope of the Second hand bookstore owner involves buying and selling books and/or publications, used magazines, etc. Some owners also sell a combination of new and old books as well.

Before committing to putting in large sum of money, there is a need to evaluate the market need. Much considerations are to be evaluated and thought through.

To be a bookstore owner, you will need a fairly large market population to sustain the business. Also, it is good that the population has a habit and love for books and reading.

As this is a business, there will be a start up cost. So be prepared to put aside money to make the dream come true. You will also need a place to keep the books and as a store.

As this is a business, it should be organised with considerations such as Budget planning, Financing plan, startup costs, rental cost and etc. Customer relations and loyalty also play significant parts in the success and sustainability of the business.

If you are a book worm, this business can be a happy one for you.