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Career Profile: Archaeologist

The archaeologist is an expert in archaeology.

What is archaeology? Archaeology is the study of the past. It is the science that systematically researches past human cultures via information gathered from architecture, features, artifacts, biofacts, landscapes and environmental data.

There are 2 main types of archaeologists, namely commercial contract archaeologist and academic-led archaeologists.

The job scope of an archaeologist may includes any of the following:

  1. excavation task as part of a team
  2. site surveyance
  3. conduct assessments of sites
  4. documenting of features and artefacts
  5. cleaning, conserving and preserving of finds
  6. publishing reports on excavation and site findings
  7. using computer-aided design (CAD) and geographical information systems (GIS) software for work

Personality-wise, a person inspiring to be an archaeologist, should have an investigative and curious mind. He or she should ideally have a love for history and ancient culture.


  1. Ricky Ricky

    This is one exotic job!

  2. SMScot SMScot

    Archaeology…a career in ruins!

    This article fails to mention the academic requirements required to be an archaeologist; a degree is an absolute necessity, although a masters and a PhD are also expected if you are to advance in your career. After achieving those, you’re still not guaranteed event he most basic of archaeological jobs due to the severe lack of work in proportion to the number of overly-qualified archaeologists.

    It makes a great hobby, but determination and a strong character are required if you wish to try to pursue this as a career.

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