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Career Profile: Environment Engineer

It does not take much for one to notice that our Beloved Planet is changing with issues such as Global Warming.

The career of Environmental Engineering is filling an increasing role in the welfare of people and the Earth. The work involves designing systems for the removal of waste materials and toxic stuffs from the environment. The type of design work can be chemical, biological and/or physical in nature. Basically, they deal with the cleaning up of man-made contamination such as toxic dumps, chemical spills and oil spills. Additionally, they also have to find solutions to make environmentally-safe landfills.

Environment Engineers often have to study the climate, in order to evaluate the situations and processes. They often have to conduct feasibility studies on issues such as waste water.

More often than not, a degree in Chemical Engineering is an advantage or a requirement. Interest-wise, there should be an interest in improving the environment. As this is a technical career, a scientific aptitude is a must.

As the environment and human lives or any life in general are intimately interconnected, Environment Engineers are really filling a very essential and important role.


  1. This surely is a great position for anyone interested in our planet’s wellbeing. And it offers great opportunities in the future – aterall we’ll be spending more and more on environment as the time goes by.

  2. admin admin

    Totally agree with you that this is a great position.

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