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Career Profile: Geologist

The job of a Geologist involves the study pertaining to the Planet Earth’s crust. This include dwelling into its structure, composition and even history. This is clearly a scientific job.

A geologist is a ‘rock’ person. He or she often needs to analyse and examine rocks, fossils and minerals. The work is interconnected to sciences such as chemistry, biology and physics.

From informational materials such as aerial photos and surveys, a geologist may be required to interpret geochemical,  geological as well as geophysical informations. Often, the work may include the preparation of geological reports, charts, diagrams and maps.

Geologists often fill very important role in the scheme of things. For example, they help in identifying possible occurrences of natural disasters such as earth quakes and mud slides. This contributes to the saving of lives.

As this is a scientific career, a prospective geologist must have strong inclination towards science, engineering and even mathematics. Geologist must have detailed and analytical minds.