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Career Profile: Graphologist

This article describes the career information and profile for Graphologist.

What does a Graphologist do? Another name for the graphologist is handwriting analyst. Yeah, you guess it right. A Graphologist is an expert in Graphology which is the study and analysis of handwriting. Graphology involves analyzing the personality profile of a person through his or her handwritings. Graphology includes the examination of handwriting patterns and properties such as letter spacing, loops, slants, heights, ending strokes, dotted “i’s” and crossed “t’s.” From all these, a graphologist hopes to gather information about a person’s subconscious inclinations.

Graphologists can be employed in the following fields of work:

1. Police department

2. Criminal investigation.

3. Assessment of group dynamics. Some organizations employ Graphologists to assess the personality inclinations of key team members within teams. From the findings, the client hopes to be able to know whether the team members within an organization can work together or not.

Who will make a suitable graphologist? To become a graphologist, one must be very analytical. He or she must have an observant and inquiring mind. Such a person must be able to deduce some accurate analysis from the limited information that he or she has.

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  1. Ron Ron

    Graphology is an interesting subject. Thank you for the information on Graphologist.

  2. maria laura maria laura

    I’m a graphologist, I was graduated 2 years ago. It’s really an interesting way of getting to know someone.
    If you need to know something about these themes, please just let me know. I’d be interested in working on it.

    MarĂ­a Laura

  3. i want to join as a Graphologist ,,
    i have done my M.Sc. in forensic science , and my specialisation in Questioned Documents so i want to become a Graphologist.
    thank you sir

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