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Career Profile: Horticulturist

This is the career profile and information for the Horticulturist.

A horticulturist job involves growing crops and plants. Some of them are also involved with the conservation of natural resources.

Commercial horticulture also covers the growing of ornamental plants such as flowers. They help in making the environment more pretty.

Usually, a fresh horticulturist who has just graduated will be more involved with the hands-on cultivation type works. However, with experience, they may move on to do other types of work such as managing teams within the production, growing, distribution and selling process. Some horticulturists end up becoming landscape designers.

Qualification-wise, this career will need at least a bachelor’s degree in a science-related discipline. Many horticulturists have degrees in agricultural science, biology, chemistry or related fields.

Personality-wise, a potential horticulturist should love gardening and plants.